Gordon-Levitt Joining The Dark Knight Rises

After the announcement of Tom Hardy and Anne Hathaway joining the third Christopher Nolan Batman flick, it’s now been confirmed that Joseph Gordon-Levitt has also signed on for an unknown role in the movie.

But perhaps what has us really excited, or at least, you know, what’s the word?  Well, anyways, Wally Pfister, who’s the cinematographer for the movie (he also shot Begins and The Dark Knight) says the script is “phenomenal.”  I know he can’t really say the script blows, but it’s something?

“Plain and simple — he’s done it. It’s a phenomenal script,” Pfister said on the Kevin and Josh Movie Show. “He’s still in the process of cutting it back because it’s a very long script right now, but it’s really phenomenal. And he actually had me go back and wanted me to watch, in IMAX, Batman Begins and The Dark Knight again. When I watched those I had read the script for The Dark Knight Rises and was like, ‘Dude, it is a perfect trilogy.’ I think that was his intent, to work off those two pictures — and they are very different pictures. And it’s funny, we all had different opinions about which picture we like better.”

It also sounds like Nolan and Pfister are planning to shoot as much of the third movie in IMAX (70mm) as they possibly can.  [via slashfilm]

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