Hollywood’s Famed Blacklist Gets a New Website

Deadline reports that Franklin Leonard, who has maintained the infamous Hollywood Black List for the past six years to champion hundreds of talented screenwriters and unproduced scripts, has launched an online version of the list to track scripts in realtime. The only downside about Blcklst.com is that it won’t be open to the public.

“Verified membership will be expanded to include agents, managers, directors, actors, and writers who will rate scripts according to what they like best. Additionally, the verified subscription format is designed to prevent data manipulation,” Nikki Finke reports.

The site uses algorithms to sort screenplays by a number of criteria and relies on extensive polling data from users. The site will cost $20 per month.

Great idea, just wish some of it was open to film geeks and screenplay junkies. It’d be nice to see what screenplays are trending and further, be able to read them, etc.

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