How DVDs Ruined Saul Bass’s Movie Posters

Steven Heller in The Atlantic:

For the past year I have been avidly following Christian Annyas, a Dutch web and graphic designer, who is avidly documenting movie graphics on his website. His Movie Titles Stills Collection of cards and sequences is unmatched for being so rich in digitized titles from the ’20s to the present. What’s more, his obsession with celluloid is not limited to just motion. Recently, he created a fansite called“Saul Bass’ Movie Posters: Then and Now,” or “What’s left of Saul Bass’ movie posters on today’s DVD package design.” Annyas told me he’s showing “how Hollywood studios ignore Bass’s beautiful poster designs and replaced them with not-so-beautiful, poorly Photoshopped images,” yet he nonetheless allows the viewer to form a personal opinion.

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