Hungar Games Movie in Development

I was surprised to hear that Suzanne Collins’ exquisite and thriller young adult novel, The Hunger Games, was being developed by Lionsgate and director Gary Ross with a targeted release of March 23, 2012 (though IMBD lists 2013, which makes much more sense).

Ross aims to have the movie in production later this spring, according to EW, but it’s almost surprising we haven’t heard more rumors of casting Katniss Everdeen and the other characters.

Ross is known more as a writer than a director, but he does have Pleasantville and Seabiscuit to his credit — both finely solid movies but not exactly memorable.  Which makes him a baffling choice to direct the futuristic sci-fi thriller about about a girl who must fight to the death against other teenagers on reality tv. Wouldn’t they be better off going with a young upshot, or a director with a bit of buzz behind them?

One hope is that the screenplay was written by Billy Ray, who’s made a fine career penning solid paranoia thrillers like Breach, Shattered Glass, State of Play, Flight Plan, and Suspect Zero.

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