In Time Trailer

The new sci fi movie from Andrew Niccol’s  (Gattaca), In Time, seems like a groovy sci fi flick. Despite having a so-so cast (Timberlake is always better in a supporting role and Seyfried isn’t there yet), the concept of using time as a monetary value is very ahead of the curve.  (re: the attention economy)

In the late 21st century, time has replaced money as the unit of currency. At 25 years old, aging stops and each person is given one more year to live. Unless you replenish your clock, you die. When a young man finds himself with more time than he can imagine he must run from the corrupt police force to save his life.

I almost feel like this movie would be better off with Cillian Murphy or Matt Bomer as the lead and Timberlake supporting.  Picking nits and all that.  I trust in Niccols, who might just be one of the most interesting people working in the sci fi genre today.

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