“It’s all kind of a blur” Man

“You’re wondering if you’re going to be so harshly, critically judged.  She [Carolyn Cassidy] was just so wonderful and so genuine to all of us and so happy to be there. At the end of the dinner, me and Sam Riley … walked her hand in hand up to Vesuvio’s, the bar where all these guys used to drink at. I remember the sole of her shoe had sort of come undone and started flapping, but I took off my boot and took off one of the socks and put it over the shoe so it intacted the sole. So we kept on walking. It’s such an incredible, mind-blowing night.”  — Actor Garrett Hedlund on the final night of shooting the film adaptation of On the Road.

I hate being reminded that this movie is taking place, not the least of which is because it stars the vacuous Kristen Stewart.

Still.  If anyone call pull this off it’s director Walter Salles?  And the only reason I suggest that is, aside from the three leads, he’s rounded up a titan supporting cast including: Viggo Mortensen (Old Bull Lee), Amy Adams (Jane), Steve Buscemi, Alice Braga, Elizabeth Moss and Terrence Howard.

Set photos, like the one here, come courtesy of the Ottawa Citizen.

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