Jason Segel Talks Muppets

“I think that one of the things the original Muppet movies did amazingly well, and it’s what Pixar does really well now, is that they don’t condescend to children by feeling like they have to dumb things down to the lowest common denominator. And when you don’t do that, you get a family film in its truest sense. And entire family can sit and watch and enjoy it. The worst equivalent is Barney the dinosaur, where parents are having to sit there while their kids watch this, and the parents want to blow their brains out.” — Jason Segel, on his stewarding The Muppets’ franchise.

I’m fairly convinced at this point that he was the right choice for the job. And if the movie is good and does well at the box office then the creative team should do a new Muppet movie every three-five years or so.

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