Lars Von Trier’s “Melancholia” Trailer

Totally agree with Choire on this one: “I have a new title suggestion for the 1. new Lars von Trier movie that 2. stars Kirsten Dunst that is about 3. OUTER SPACE: let us just call it WTF.”

But, it’s time to admit something. I’ve never seen a single Von Trier film. The Dogma 95 thing never really appealed to me. Sure, I tried to watch that movie with Nicole Kidman where everyone is walking around a stage with tape on the floor, but it bored me to no end.

And then I skipped his latest because whole the hell wants to see Willem Dafoe get his genitalia cut off? Okay, maybe there’s some appeal in that. But his latest, kind of looks groovy in an absolutely WTF kind of way! A mysterious planet hiding behind the sun? Sure, why not. Sign me up.

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