Let it Snow

Let it Snow is a short film shot by Steve Brunton, of East Yorkshire, UK, during the country’s heavy snowfall this past winter.  Steve hit me up with a comment on our post regarding “Idiot with a Tripod” and while both videos are similar in content and deserve to be taken on their own merits, what I like about Steve’s video is how silent it is.

There’s a sort of tranquil and still quality to not just the camera work, but also to the content.  It’s that same moment you experience, here in New England, after heavy snow stops and all of a sudden people and animals are all clamboring to get outside and then.  It’s silent.  You feel the cold in your nostrils, drink in the warmth of the sun, shield your eyes from the snow blindness.

Anyways, it’s well done and worth the minute or two of your time.

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