Lucas Added Vader Crying “Noooooo!” To RETURN OF THE JEDI

I first read about the changes Lucas made to the original trilogy over at io9, but it seemed so ridiculous — that Lucas would add Vader crying “Nooooo” when he tosses the Emperor over the balcony in Jedi — to feel like it was just a rumor. Nothing but hearsay.

Since then, it’s been confirmed as being true by Devin Faraci over at BAD. “It’s hard to believe this because Vader crying ‘Noooo!’ was one of the most widely derided aspects of Revenge of the Sith. It’s easy to believe because Lucas is so out of touch and loves the idea of on the nose symmetry between the two trilogies,” Faraci writes.

Here are the two clips that have been changed. It’s one thing to make cosmetic changes, like fixing up some light saber FXs or changing how a planet blows up. It’s entirely another thing to make contextual changes to characters … like Han shooting second. Or stripping Darth Vader of his dignity and evilness.

And here is the new Krayt Dragon cry Ben Kenobi makes when scaring off the Sand People in A New Hope.

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