Malick’s “Tree of Life” Wins Palm d’Or atCannes

Is anyone really surprised by this news? If Malick is bringing a movie to your film festival, it’s pretty much going to walk away with the top prize.

Word is the film is pretty typical for a Malick film: astonishingly beautiful and masterful in parts, with a few segments that just don’t add up.

Says Peter Bradshaw of the Guardian: “And there are the baffling and bizarre symphonic passages of non-narrative spectacle, prehistoric jungles, arid deserts, galaxies and spiral shapes – Kubrickian landscapes of wonder. Weirdest of all is the engorged river in which a wounded dinosaur lies prostrate; another dinosaur comes along, plants its great foot on the other’s neck and then moves heedlessly on. Is this the only message of the universe – pure survival? But then how is it we want something other than survival? What do we want to survive for? And Malick appears, through sheer crazy excess, to bring his movie closer to the ultimate question: why does anything exist at all?”

It’ll be refreshing to watch a film without an ounce of irony and loads of pretense for a change.

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