Marvel’s Luke Cage Smells a Lot More Old Spicey

A mysterious teaser trailer featuring Isaiah Mustafa, aka The Old Spice Guy, as the Marvel superhero Luke Cage has suddenly appeared on the internet. It’s no secret that Marvel Studios has been trying to figure out a way to launch Luke Cage as a movie property for a few years now and it’s even less of a secret that the Old Spice spokesman has been very upfront about his desire to play the character. Apparently, he’s already met with Marvel Studios for a chat.

What this mysterious trailer is, however, is probably just Mustafa ponying up the cash to create a calling card to show Marvel he’s the man for the job. While the character of Luke Cage doesn’t have any preconceived notions in the public eye (which means they can reinvent him, update him, whatever), one has to wonder if Mustafa is too closely associated with the Old Spice commercials at this point to be seen in any other light? Regardless, he looks appropriately badass in these few minutes.  [via bleedingcool]

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