Nerd Pandering

Normally, I’d nod in agreement with an article about hot actresses pandering to the nerd demographic, but in this case, it sounds like Mary Elizabeth Williams has an axe to grind.

There was a time when “nerdy” was the last word a starlet would want associated with her name. The Hollywood universe was composed of proud former cheerleaders and models, girls who sat at the popular kid table in high school and never knew the indignities of an “awkward phase.” But then Hollywood realized the blockbuster potential of superheroes and video games, and suddenly “guys still living in their parents’ basements” became a viable demographic. There’s a reason for “Chuck” and “The Big Bang Theory” and “The Green Hornet.” Nerds control the entertainment industry. And nerds – and their eyeballs and ticket-buying dollars – cannot be won over by mere T&A. They want women who can talk Comic-Con with them.

In a hilarious supercut from Filmdrunk of “hot women pandering to nerds,” such formidable foxes as Annalynne McCord, Megan Fox, Mila Kunis and Rosario Dawson admit their geekiness to a slavering assortment of talk show hosts. Sexy women saying they’re really just nerds — it’s the new sexy women eating big sandwiches! And their most often trotted-out credentials? A love of “Star Wars,” “Star Trek” or both. “I love ‘Star Wars,’ so I’m geek squared,” confesses Jamie Alexander. Wow, that’s some brave confessing there, ladies. What must it be like to live on the fringes of society, part of that marginalized community of “Star Wars” and “Star Trek” fans? Perhaps you’ll also enjoy the wonders of the Rolling Stones, IKEA shelving systems, Levi’s and coffee. Because you’re special.

A lot of Hollywood actresses come from a musical theater background, probably during their days in high school, which, yup, makes them a bit nerdy. No matter how much money or cool cache you earn, there’s always going to be a bit of that high school dork inside.

Also? Kristen Bell can pander to me all she wants. But that video is pretty damning.

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