New Toy Story Shorts Attached to New Muppets Movie

Pixar are created two new Toy Story-related shorts that will be attached to Cars 2 and the upcoming Jason Segel-starring Muppets movie. It’s the first time a non-Pixar movie will have a Pixar short play before it, to my knowledge anyhow.

The first of these shorts will be the Hawaii-themed one that we’ve heard about already. It’s either called Stay-cation, Hawaiian Vacation or Hawaiian Stay-cation depending on who I might choose to believe. This toon will play before Cars 2 in the summer.

As for the second… besides revealing that it will play with The Muppets, no details have yet been released. It’s interesting to see how Disney-Pixar are planning to leverage one of their most popular brands –  also nice to know that there’s a good deal of Buzz and Woody yet to come.

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