Next Star Wars — A Filthily Hilarious Parody Worth Your Time

The world needs more Star Wars related stuff like it needs another herpes sore, but in the case of Bobby Hacker’s recent parody, I’m willing to suspend my feelings on the subject.  Because it is hilarious. And juvenile. And raunchy.  As if early-Kevin Smith had decided to swede the movie in his spare time during the filming of Clerks.

They drop the “fuck” word like fifty times and probably use the words cocksucker, suck my dick and faggot another 200 times, the opening credits are so devoid of proper grammar, etc., all indicative of the purposefully bad writing and production values.  In 1,000 years when the world has burned to ground, I hope somehow this video survives as the only relic of the Star Wars universe and it becomes treasured by a group of moronic survivors.  That to me is the funniest thing about this video.

The Troy Duffy cameo (the assclown behind Boondock Saints) and the subtle jab at Wes Anderson (Yellow Futura Bold! Twee 60’s pop approaching the Death Star!) and the props to Fight Club also earn bonus points, imho. Major bonus points. [via filmdrunk]

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