Palahniuk’s Snuff Getting the Movie Treatment

Of all the novels that Chuck Palahniuk has written, it’s almost unfathomable that Snuff would be his third novel adapted into a film — after Fight Club in 1999 and Choke in 2008.

Because Snuff is a fucked up book, even by Palahniuk standards. The story centers around an aging porn star and her plans for a 600 person gang bang to close out her career. Among the 600 participants are No. 600, the guy who discovered her, No. 72, a 20-year-old who may be the porn star’s son, and No. 137 a television actor looking to get his career back on track.

According to AICN, Tom Sizemore, Daryl Hannah and Thora Birch have been cast in the adaptation by writer/director Fabien Martorell.  Sizemore will play No. 600, Hannah landed the role of Cassie, the porn star and Birch will play Sheila, a talent manager of sorts.

“This is not a sex novel–sorry, gentlemen. It is a story of men bonding over a similar interest, getting to know one another through their future sexual conquest, and, for a few, trying to find–and twistedly bang–their misplaced mother,” Palahniuk writes, describing the story. “There is a surprising lack of sex for a novel about a porn star and her 600 exploits. But don’t be turned off by this. There’s still some sex, plenty of laughs, and some telling moments as each of the three main narrators finds something buried deep within himself.”

All of that is true, but the book still leaves a filthy sheen in your brain. In many ways, the books is more a condemnation of the porn industry and how it perversely affects the men who consume it, the people involved with it and its general blight on society.

How this plays as a movie is anyone’s guess. If Choke had a difficult time finding an audience and marketing itself, you can probably imagine that Snuff is infinitely more difficult. Yes, it’s darkly funny like all Palahniuk’s novels, but it’s also disturbing on a level that Choke or Fight Club aren’t.

How this is being made into a movie when Invisible Monsters and Survivors are sitting on a shelf is beyond me.  [via comingsoon]

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