Pirating the 2011 Oscars

This is one of my favorite features of the year, by Andy Baio, as he examines the “eternal fight between the movie studios, the Motion Picture Academy, and the loosely-organized group of spunky kids known as The Scene.”

I got excited when the spreadsheet of movies popped up into my Google docs, but wanted to wait until Baio posted his analysis.

One prediction: The end of the DVD screener is near. This year, Fox Searchlight distributed three screeners with iTunes — 127 Hours, Black Swan, and Conviction — to all 93,000 voting members of the Screen Actors’ Guild, marking the first time a major studio’s used Apple’s service for screener distribution.

Voters get the additional convenience of being able to watch films on their computers, Apple TVs, iPads and iPhones, while studios save the time and expense of distributing physical media. If this experiment’s successful, it seems likely other studios will follow.

Again, if studios and company’s embraced technology, rather than flee from it, they could certainly figure out a way to profit from it.

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