Planes: A Spin-off of Pixar’s “Cars”

Devour alerts us to a direct-to-video Cars spin-off that features airplanes and will hit shelves in the spring of 2013. Pixar is amazingly not involved. DisneyToon Studios is making it.

Somehow, Cars, a movie I’ve yet to see entirely and one regarded as the black sheep of the Pixar film library is getting the franchise treatment ahead of The Incredibles or other worthy Pixar movies. This blows my mind that the Disney/Pixar family considers Cars to be on equal footing as Toy Story.

Is it because they can sell more toys and make more amusement rides out of Lightening McQueen and the gang? There was ever-so-briefly a trailer floating around YouTube, but that got yanked pretty quickly. Collider has more if you are so inclined.

This pretty much guarantees there will be sequels every few years involving boats, construction trucks or whatever other vehicles Disney can milk the franchise with.

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