Prequels and Sequels Being Planned for, Gulp, Blade Runner?

Deadline is reporting that a subsidiary of Warner Brothers is in final negotiations to secure “film, television and ancillary franchise rights to produce prequels and sequels to the iconic 1982 science-fiction thriller Blade Runner.”


My gut instinct is to be all like, fuck fuck fuckity fuck.

But. And this is a gigantic but, because Blade Runner is one of my five favorite movies ever and it’s something that turned me into an early geek. The world is just so fascinating and cool and really what I wished the world would be like in 2010.

I do think a television series from HBO or AMC set in the Blade Runner world would be cool. Like a futuristic noir detective show. Not one that recycles any of the characters we know and love, but just one that peddles on the same vibe, same world, similar premise as the movie.

There, I said it. Blasphemous, yes, but it feels good to admit that.

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