RIP: Sidney Lumet

The legendary director, Sidney Lumet, died this morning at his home in Manhattan from lymphoma. He was 86.

“While the goal of all movies is to entertain,” Mr. Lumet once wrote, “the kind of film in which I believe goes one step further. It compels the spectator to examine one facet or another of his own conscience. It stimulates thought and sets the mental juices flowing.”

Social issues set his own mental juices flowing, and his best films not only probed the consequences of prejudice, corruption and betrayal, but also celebrated individual acts of courage.

Of his 40 some odd films, his best known works were a litany of classics: 12 Angry Men, Serpico, Dog Day Afternoon, Network, and The Verdict.

The LA Times has more on the impressive life of this film titan.

FYI: Lumet’s movies on Netflix, many of which are available for streaming. Start with Dog Day Afternoon and Serpico and work your way from there.


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