River Phoenix’s Final Film To Get Released In 2012

Before he died, actor River Phoenix starred in a film called Dark Blood that was never finished or released. Well, director George Sluizer has finally taken the finished footage, re-cut the movie and believes with a little fudging it would be acceptable to release into theaters by 2012.

According to Wikipedia: “Phoenix played Boy, a youthful widower who lives as a hermit on a nuclear testing site, waiting for the end of the world while making dolls that he believes have magical powers. He comes to the aid of a couple (played by Jonathan Pryce and Judy Davis) when their car breaks down as they are traveling through the desert.”

Here’s a bit of the raw footage.

Does anyone care about a River Phoenix movie 18 years after the actor died? Word is Sluizer wants to get Joaquin Phoenix to do the voice over.

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