“The Adventures of Tintin” Teaser Trailer

The first teaser trailer for the Peter Jackson-produced and Steven Spielberg-directed performance capture animated adaptation of The Adventures of Tintin looks significantly better than I imagined it would.

There has yet to be a performance capture animated movie that hasn’t made humans look like soulless zombies. But, it stands to reason that the Peter Jackson and Steven Spielberg collaboration would be a technical marvel. As for the story, well, for starters the first movie in the planned series has dropped its initial sub-title: “Secret of the Unicorn.” Consider that a good thing as the much simpler Adventures of Tintin make the film easier to sell.

Tintin is a beloved world-wide property that isn’t that popular in the U.S., which is a shame. I was first turned onto the Belgian stories from my buddy Zack, who spent some of his childhood in Lebanon.

Disappointingly, the first teaser doesn’t really explain all that much, but does paint the movie as a grand adventure story. And perhaps even more amazingly, it takes a good 40 seconds into the clip before you even realize that it’s an animated movie. This looks almost photo-realistic.

It’s hard to say how closely Jackson and Spielberg will be sticking to the original Tintin comic strip by Hergé, but if they are then here’s who Tintin is, since the trailer didn’t bother to make that clear: he’s a young reporter with his dog as a sidekick and he gets sucked into these crazy swashbuckling adventures that toe the line between fantasy, political thrillers, mysteries, and science fiction. He loves the rush of chasing down a great story. There’s an ample amount of slapstick humor to the property as well.

That’s basically the nuts and bolts of Tintin, but the property is oh so much more. Hopefully, this should be one of those movies that you can take your kids or nephews too and not be revolted 20 minutes into it.

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