The Complete Harry Potter Saga … In Comics

Artist Lucy Knisley has masterfully used the art of cartooning to retell the entire Harry Potter saga. She calls them Hposters, and they are whimsical, delightful and definitely awesome. Her style reminds me a bit of Chris Ware, for whatever reason.

“I worked hard on these. I made them with affection and humor, in celebration of a story I love and a format that challenged me to translate a complicated plot into a parodied comics language,” writes Lucy Knisley, of her Harry Potter in comic form images. “I hope you love them too, and that they make you laugh, and that you will make a donation to show your appreciation for these images and the work I do.”

Amazing stuff from Knisley. For a limited time, you can download large-print formats of these posters to print out and do what you will. She has a PayPal button on her site – make use of it if you download one of these! I’m sure any little bit would make her day.

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