The Phantom Menace Gets a 3D Release Date

Dear George Lucas, nobody liked The Phantom Menace when it was in 2D and hit theaters in 1999, so I don’t know why you feel the need to jazzercise it up with some of that newfangled 3D.

But anyways, Lucasfilm just announced that Star Wars: Episode I — The Phantom Menace will have a 3D theatrical release on February 10, 2012. Which, more than anything, means that the other five movies are probably not far behind. So here’s the thing, we need to boycott this right now, not just out of spite for Jar Jar Binks or whiny Anakin, but to make sure George Lucas gets the message loud and clear that we don’t want him fucking with the original trilogy anymore. Enough is enough. Fuck. I know I’m going to end up seeing this monstrosity in the theaters again. I just know it.

And to think we were just joking about this a few weeks ago.

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  • DorrieBelle March 4, 2011, 8:34 pm

    Whaaaa…? Not a single character in the whole miserable experience of a movie had any depth at all, why is anybody screwing around with making it 3-D ? It's not like anyone said, "You know, it's not good, and it sucks, and is pretty much an insult to the fandom that made ole Georgie over there rich…but if it was just in 3-D, I could see it being a vastly improved film." Maybe this is why I'm not a mega-millionaire, or even a fangirl anymore.

    Frankly, I think I could come up with a better, more engaging movie using Monster High dolls and the camera on my cell phone…

    I'm not bitter.