Two Danny Trejo Things for You This Morning

I’ve been meaning to post these related Danny Trejo things for a few days now, unfortunately, I just haven’t made the effort and the tabs keep opening every time I launch my browser, so here goes:

1. It’s pretty amazing that the actor is even still around to star in films.

A Los Angeles native with an astonishing 201 roles to his credit, the actor grew up within a half-hour’s drive of the film studios in Burbank, but his tough neighborhood in the San Fernando Valley might as well have been in Tierra del Fuego. He was a heroin addict by age 12, and way-too-shortly thereafter an armed robber and generally on a supersonic path to jail or the grave. Fortunately, as depicted in the biographical documentary “Champion” (available via streaming video on Netflix), jail got Trejo first. He eventually found his way to a 12 step program that allowed him to turn his life around to where he could stop being a hard case and, with the benefit of a fortuitous encounter with the late ex-con author and “Reservoir Dogs” actor, Eddie Bunker, start playing them instead.

2. I’ve yet to see the Mexploitation flick Machete, it’s been queued up for a few days now but other flicks have taken priority on my recent movie bender.  Still, this claymation recap of the flick, which doubles as, of all things, a Lipton Ice Tea commercial, makes me want to see the movie even more.

By far he has the best face in Hollywood.  It’s all craggily and lined with the trauma of actual human experiences.

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