Two Spike Lee Joints For You Today

It’s not everyday that there is something on the Spike Lee development front that is worth sharing, however, yesterday happened to be that day.

1. He’s reprising his role as Mookie from Do the Right Thing in a movie called Red Hook Summer. Apparently, it started shooting yesterday, though nobody knows if it’s a sequel or what. But obviously, the movie exists in the same film universe.

2. He’s been hired to direct the American remake of Park Chan-wook’s Oldboy. If there has to be a remake of this flick, at least they got a good to great and competent director who might do something with the material.

True story: back when Oldboy hit the arthouse theaters stateside — this was what, back in 2004? — I took Lady Oyster to go see it on a date and basically described it as this Korean movie that everyone keeps talking about. I was fairly cagey on the details of the movie. Anyway, after she didn’t kick me to the curb for what was probably a horrible date for her, I knew she was a keeper.

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