Uncut Version of Kubrick’s The Shining to Play in Rochester, NY

There is a rare uncut version of Stanley Kubrick’s horror masterpiece, The Shining, that hasn’t been seen since the first few days of the films original release. Back when the movie was released, films played in a limited number of theaters. In the case of The Shining, Kubrick went back and edited his movie before it opened with a wide release.

Apparently he cut out a four minute coda of the film that included a scene of what happened after Jack froze to death. The original ending of the film is pretty perfect, but it would cool seeing the movie in a different light.

The film is being screened, according to Bleeding Cool, at the Dryden Theatre in Rochester, NY on October 22.

Here’s description of the scene that was cut: “Firstly, there’s a little moment where some state troopers look for Jack, frozen in the ice, but don’t seem to be seeing him – for whatever reason. Then a  longer scene. It’s set in a hospital, where Ullman, the Overlook’s manager, tries to convince Wendy and Danny that nothing supernatural had happened in his hotel. He explains that Jack’s body was not recovered, and he gives Danny a tennis ball – presumably the same one that he followed into room 237.”

Rad. This would totally be worth driving to if I lived anywhere in upstate New York. Plus, you could always get the mythical garbage plate at Nick Tahou’s on your visit.

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