X-Men: First Class Deleted Scene

Remember in X-Men: First Class when Charles Xavier and Eric Lehnsherr go to the strip club to recruit Angel and they want to get her to reveal how her dragonfly tattoos actually emerge from her body to form real wings? It was a great scene built on the chemistry of actors James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender.

In that scene, Magneto shows Angel how he can levitate things, but we never see Charles demonstrate his power. Well, EW got their hands on the deleted scene. Unfortunately, the clip isn’t embeddable (if we find one we’ll update).

X-Men: First Class deleted scene

Stupid. You’ll just have to go over there to watch to see the two character’s chemistry. The photo above kinda spoilers the surprise, but that’s not really the reason to watch the clip.

Update: And here’s the clip, more or less. As if the world needed another reason to write Prof. X and Magneto slash fiction. This scene is just begging for some.

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