Your Bond 23 Rumor of the Day

Tabloids in England have begun circulating the rumor that the next Bond film, supposedly called Skyfall, is going to ditch some of the action and try to position itself as an Oscar-worthy drama.

British tabloids aren’t known for their accuracy, so grain of salt, and really this could mean anything. Essentially, they are saying action scenes on location in India and Turkey have been scuttled and that could just be due to budget concerns.

Casino Royal had a good mix of drama and action, so if that’s the balance Mendes is going for then so be it. It’s foolish to think a Bond film would ever grab an Oscar nomination — outside of the technical achievements — and it’s even more foolish to try.

That’s not what the franchise is all about. On another note, the rags are also floating the rumor that Ralph Fiennes’ unnamed villain will be Ernst Stavro Blofeld, but that won’t happen because the Broccoli family doesn’t own the rights to the character.

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