80s Movies on LSD

The gist of Synchronize is a bad acid trip through the halcyon days of 80s pop culture film landmarks. You’ve got Indiana Jones, the Terminator, Doc and Marty, the Ghostbusters, Daniel-San and more all thrown together in one whacked out animated vision. I’m not even sure what to say about this, except this is what it’s like when I fall asleep at night.

Synchronize is made for everybody who witnessed and loved the ’80s and its awesome movies,” reads the film’s online description. “But [it’s] also a reminder to those who look down upon Hollywood that even their imagination is most likely to be shaped by the ‘American’ cliches of yesteryears.”

The film is one of about 50 shorts featured in the Disposable Film Festival, which started in 2007 to promote new forms of filmmaking. The festival kicks off in San Francisco before heading off to other cities. [via wired]

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