A Panoply of Horror Movie Links for You This Morning

1. Supercut maestro, Harry Hanrahan, compiled the 100 greatest horror movie quotes of all time for Pajiba with a few caveats:

For the purposes of the video, all intentionally funny quotes (like Bruce Campbell’s Army of Darkness quips, or Chuckys various one-liners) have been left out. And yes, I know there is quite a few lines in the video that can be construed as humorous, but in my opinion all of these lines were never intended to be amusing, unlike say “Hail to the king baby”. Oh, and these quotes are not ranked, nor is there any order or countdown.

2. Flavorwire breaks down what your favorite horror movie says about you and checks in on the true stories behind your favorite scary movies.

3. Film critic David Edelstein weighs in on the five scariest movies of all-time, with, sadly, five selections that shouldn’t surprise anyone.

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