Advanced Idea Mechanics in ‘Iron Man 3’

I’ve avoided pretty much all the weird photos coming out of the Iron Man 3 set, but when the news broke that Advanced Idea Mechanics would be involved somehow, it’s too interesting to at least not mention it.

AIM is basically a scientific terrorist organization known for the creation of MODOK, among other things. How AIM and potentially MODOK fits in with Ben Kingsley as the Mandarin, James Badge Dale as the Iron Patriot and Guy Pearce as scientist Aldrich Killian, who creates the extremis project/army is beyond me.

Lots of intriguing pieces, however, have been put into place for this movie in an interesting way. It feels like Mandarin is going to be merely a shadowy presence for perhaps a larger role in Iron Man 4 and this third movie could be a tweaked version of the Armor Wars story.

I don’t know, but I like what’s there.

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