David Lynch: “Even bad coffee is better than no coffee at all.”

The Huffington Post asked director David Lynch to write about his obsession with coffee. It’s a bit scattered, and definitely makes a plug for his branded-line of beans, but it’s a fun read nonetheless.

I am pretty much obsessed with coffee. I’ve been drinking coffee on a regular basis since I was in the ninth grade. In the ninth grade, I met my soon-to-be good friend, Toby, on the front yard lawn of my girlfriend’s house. And during that first conversation with Toby, he happened to tell me that his father was a painter, a fine art painter. Hearing this news that an adult could be a painter — an explosion went off in my head and from that moment on all I wanted to do was paint. And for me, the world of a painter held much coffee.

For a long time, outside of diners, I drank a lot of instant coffee and I would drink it from styrofoam cups. For many years, I drank probably 20 cups of instant coffee per day. One of the things I discovered from drinking coffee in a styrofoam cup was a kind of fantastic visual trick. If you have a full styrofoam cup of coffee and you move the cup slowly on a certain type of surface, a vibration will come forth and ripples will appear on the surface of the coffee. And if you push the cup a little bit faster as it’s vibrating, individual droplets will leap out of the ripples and dance all along the surface of the coffee. I always wanted to film this effect, but I never have. And nowadays, the environmentalists tell us that styrofoam cups aren’t so good, so I haven’t had an opportunity to see this trick filmed.

It’s hard to imagine a David Lynch film without coffee, but I take umbrage with bad coffee being better than no coffee at all. Bad coffee is really hard to drink, once you’ve trained your palette for what’s good.

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