EW’s “50 Best Movies You’ve Never Seen”

Entertainment Weekly has compiled a list of the “50 Greatest Movies You’ve Never Seen.” The list only spans the past two decades, which is unfortunate. Still, it’s a good list.  For some reason, it’s not available online, as far as I can tell. Thankfully, someone scanned the magazine and put it online.

Here’s the full list: 24 Hour Party People, Backbeat, Bamboozled, Box of Moonlight, Broken English, Bubba Ho-Tep, The Century of the Self, Chuck and Buck, Cold Comfort Farm, The Daytrippers, Devil’s Playground, Dig, Enter The Void, Eve’s Bayou, Fish Tank, Fly Away Home, George Washington, Ghost Dog: The Way of the Samurai, Hachi: A Dog’s Tale, Happy Accident, Idiocracy, The Iron Giant, I’ve Loved you so Long, Last Night, Layer Cake, Lilya 4-Ever, Love and Basketball, The Magdalene Sisters, Marwencol, Memories of Murder, Moon, Murderball, My Summer of Love, Next Stop Wonderland, The Orphange, Perfect Blue, Prime, Primer, Rare Exports, Rescue Dawn, The Ref, The Rules of Attraction, Safe Men, Smiley Face, Surfwise, Together, Two Family House, Walking and Talking, Wendy and Lucy, and Wristcutters.

I’ve seen 33 out of the 50 and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend all of them to people. If you’re in for a good tearjerker, definitely check out Hachi: A Dog’s Tale. Want a good crime movie, then Layer Cake it is. Feeling up for some sci-fi then Moon is your movie. Want an absurd comedy? Try Bubba Ho-Tep. 

Anyway, many of these are available of Netflix instant, so get watching!

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