From Reddit to Hollywood

I’m glad someone finally gave Reddit’s RomeSweetRome the spotlight it deserves. The long and short of it is that a Redditor posted a story based on a hypothetical question of whether a modern Marine unit could defeat the Roman empire.

Now, in response to The_Quiet_Earth’s question about time-traveling marines, [James] Erwin started typing. He posted his answer in a series of comments in the thread. Within an hour, he was an online celebrity. Within three hours, a film producer had reached out to him. Within two weeks, he was offered a deal to write a movie based on his Reddit comments. Within two months, he had taken a leave from his job to become a full-time Hollywood screenwriter.

Following this development was positively one of the most exciting and enjoyable things about being a Redditor. Glad to see it get the feature it deserves.

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