Gotham’s Villains

Here’s all of Gotham’s villains, in one giant infographic from Pop Chart Lab. It can be yours for just $27.

This massive taxonomy charts the hundreds of villains who have menaced Gotham City over the past 70 years, breaking down by name everyone from big time baddies like the Joker and Bane to lesser known miscreants like the Walrus and Batzarro. A true rogues gallery of the superstitious and cowardly lot who have taken on the Dark Knight, this print is the definitive guide to Gotham mayhem.

I finally got to see The Dark Knight Rises this weekend, speaking of Batman. I liked it. It was the quickest three hour movie I’ve seen, but I’m not sure it made any sense and I think it could’ve used about three more rewrites to be truly great. Still, it was a fantastic ending to a fantastic trilogy.

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