Here’s Almost Seven Minutes of Behind the Scenes Footage of The Hunger Games

The Hunger Games opens in ten days and Lionsgate has to be ecstatic with the early tracking for the movie, which is astounding off the charts. It’s scoring high interest from men and women in that coveted 18-35 demo. Combine that with the ridiculously good early buzz and this movie seems poised to drop a huge opening weekend.

Incredibly, one of the things Lionsgate has done really well is hold back the reigns from revealing too much of the film. They’ve piqued people’s interest without resorting to overkill. I haven’t reached a saturation point yet, like say, with The Muppets, whereby the time the movie comes out I felt like I had already seen it or didn’t want to see it. We’ve seen practically no footage of the arena and save for one or two clips, none of the big moments from the story have been revealed either.

With all of that said, here’s about seven minutes of mostly B-roll, that should keep the excitement pump primed for fans, while revealing nothing new. [via toplessrobot]

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