Here’s that Ferris Bueller Super Bowl Commercial

Here’s the full version of that Ferris Bueller commercial which was teased last week. The ad features Matthew Broderick reprising his classic role of Ferris Bueller, it was directed by Todd Philips, and it’s for the launch of the 2012 Honda CR-V.

The commercial kinda of sucks. What’s interesting to consider in this space is how poorly of a character Ferris Bueller has turned out to be.

“Bueller, of course, is the ultimate Reagan-era middle class white selfish prick, exactly the kind of guy who probably grew up to crash the US economy. I wouldn’t be surprised if he worked at Freddie Mac, or was one of George W Bush’s main advisors,” writes Devin Faraci.

Now, THAT, would make for an interesting Ferris Bueller sequel. The ultimate entitled rich kid all grown up. Anyway, I think the reason this commercial sucks — unlike the brief teaser — is because commercials suck. Once you realize Ferris Bueller is just trying to sell you a call, it kills any sense of fondness you may have had for the character.

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