How ‘Minority Report’ Predicted the Future

Stephen Spielberg’s Minority Report is perhaps both the director’s and actor Tom Cruise’s most under-appreciated movie.

Philip K. Dick’s short story that is the basis for the movie was set in an undefined future and barely touches upon what that world could resemble. So, Spielberg gathered a group of science and technology futurists to help craft what the world would realistically look like in 50 years instead of just guessing. It was a great idea because unlike other science fiction films, Minority Report doesn’t suffer from those goofy, dystopian tropes that plague most movies set in the future.

To celebrate the ten year anniversary of the movie, Wired asked a dozen of the futurists to reflect on the experience. “There was no shortage of megalomania, although there was good reason for it,” one of them remarked.

The reason why Minority Report got it right? Because they asked the right questions: What about advertising? What about transportation? What about newspapers? What about food? What about surveillance? What about weapons? What about urban planning?

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