Introducing the Yutani Corporation, Kind Of

I’ve pretty much avoided everything on the Prometheus front since the first two trailers (here & here) and the Peter Weyland Ted Talk. I’m already sold, but Ridley Scott and company seem desperate to oversell this movie and reveal every bit of footage before the movie hits theaters in June. Ugh, it’s the worst. Hence the avoidance.

However, a new viral hit today that isn’t all that interesting in and of itself. But, Noomi Rapace’s character, who is central to the film’s plot (and if I were guessing is probably going to be revealed as Ripley’s great-grandmother or something) begs Weyland Industries to help her and the entire video call is being monitored by the Yutani Company. Alien nerds will be keenly aware by now that in the first Alien movie, Ripley is sent aboard a ship courtesy of the Weyland-Yutani Corporation.

I’m totally fascinated by this world that Ridley Scott is building. Is it weird that I’m more fascinated by the story behind Weyland-Yutani than I am about the face huggers?

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