James Bond: ‘Skyfall’ IMAX Featurette, AV Club’s Guide to the Film Series, and a Definitive Guide to Bond Theme Songs

1.Sam Mendes didn’t shoot ‘Skyfall’ in IMAX, like Christopher Nolan did with ‘The Dark Knight Rises’, but his cinematographer, Roger Deakens, shot the movie using the Arri Alexa M digital camera. This allowed them to film in both the 2.35:1 theatrical aspect ratio, but also a 1:90:1 aspect ratio for the IMAX version of the movie. The differences can been seen above. [via slashfilm]

2. Michael Dunaway, the film editor of Paste Magazine, breaks down and grades all the Bond theme songs. It’s comprehensive, well-reasoned, and a bullet-proof assessment of the franchise’s iconic openers. I will say the three biggest slights when it comes to the Bond themes is that Frank Sinatra and Amy Winehouse never recorded one, and that producers have yet to hire Sharon Jones and The Dap Kings, who would make a great companion to Shirley Bassey.

3. And in case you are new to this while James Bond thing, well, The AV Club has put together a beginner’s guide to the franchise.

Finally, this might be the last James Bond-related stuff we post until our inevitable review of the movie. We’re hoping to catch it sometime this weekend. We’ll see.

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