James Bond to Possibly Open the London Olympics

If you had to ask me who the directors I’d love to see direct a James Bond film, that list would include Christopher Nolan, Quentin Tarantino, and Danny Boyle. It’s a short list, but I think all of them would bring something interesting to the franchise.

We’ll never see an auteur Bond movie happen, but we may get a glimpse of what a Danny Boyle-directed Bond film could be. The director responsible for Trainspotting and 127 Hours was given the go-ahead to use the Bond character in a short film intended to kick off the London Olympic celebration.

The Sun reports that Boyle helmed a short film this past week, shot at Buckingham Palace at the behest of the Queen. Daniel Craig, in full 007 swagger mode receives special orders from her highness, then exits the palace via a helicopter, before finally parachuting into the Olympic Stadium.

There’s no indication how this connects to the celebration or if it’s tied to the opening ceremony, but if this short ends with Daniel Craig lighting the Olympic torch as James Bond, then I’d be a-okay with that.

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