John Carter of Kicking Ass and Taking Names

Disney has released the final trailer for John Carter in one last ditch effort to convince people this movie is worth seeing. It’s been woefully mismarketed from the start, but Devin’s review does give me hope that this will be a fun, Saturday matinee type of movie.

I didn’t love John Carter, but I liked it a whole lot. What it gets right it gets right with wonderful gusto. And what it doesn’t get right… well, there are about ten more books to adapt, and I’d like to see Andrew Stanton have another go at it. I think next time he could do it perfectly.

And for the record, this film should have been called John Carter and the Princess of Mars – not only is that title more evocative, but it gives Dejah Thoris, the best cinematic female genre character in decades, her proper due.

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