MoviePass Launches All-You-Can-Watch Movie Theater Service

As of today, MoviePass offers all-you-can-watch movie-going for less than $40 a month. The service is positioning itself as the “Netflix for theaters.

It’s not supported by theaters at all, but as I understand it, you sign up for the service and MoviePass provides access to one free movie ticket per day. To use the ticket, you need to check in using a MoviePass app on your smartphone, which unlocks the use of a branded credit card that is tied back to a personal credit card.

The theater assumes you’re paying with a normal credit card so, in theory at least, MoviePass should work at any theater that accepts credit card payments.

As Russ Fischer points out: “The big problem with the previous version of MoviePass was getting exhibitors to play along. But now theaters get full price for the ticket “purchased” by MoviePass users. So the idea seems to be that the economics of the system rely on more subscribers than will actually use the pass on a regular basis. You’re buying movie insurance, in a manner of speaking.” 

IMAX and 3D showings (which feature higher ticket prices) aren’t yet supported and the app is iOS only at the moment, with Android forthcoming.

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