New ‘Skyfall’ International Trailer

We just brought you the Skyfall Olympic teaser tv spot, that was short on dialogue and plot, but featured some nifty action shots that we hadn’t seen before. Now, in the first international trailer for the movie, we get plot points galore.

From THR: “The Skyfall trailer reveals that M, played by Judi Dench, made the decision to take out her Double-Oh program’s agents, but was unable to take down the super-suave Mr. Bond. After a period of living it up in death, Bond returns, to a shaken MI6 foundation and a new source of villainous treachery in Javier Bardem.”

We also get the first great look at Ben Whishaw as the legendary gadget maker Q. More to the point, HOLY SHIT. As if I wasn’t excited enough for this movie, it feels like Sam Mendes and company are going to deliver something special for Bond fans.

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