Pixar’s ‘Brave’ is First Film Featuring Dolby Atmos Audio

As if we needed one more reason to go see Pixar’s new film Brave, we know have one. Dolby Laboratories announced the animated film will be the first to use the new Dolby Atmos audio platform.

The new Dolby system does several things to improve movie theater sound. It makes every speaker individually programmable, so sounds can travel through the audience in a more life-like way. Previous systems allowed sounds to move, say, from the speakers on the left wall to the speakers on the right wall, or from the rear speakers to the front speakers. The new system also involves the installation of additional speakers on theater ceilings.

Brave opens in June, including a handful of theaters that will be equipped with the Dolby Atmos system. Hopefully, there will be a way to tell if a theater is using Dolby Atmos, because I would go out of my way to experience this. Again, 3D is kind of a gimmick, but this new sound system is a huge deal for movie geeks.

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