Red Band Trailer: Ted

Seth MacFarlane seems like a good guy. Hell, he gets a pass in my book for as long as he wants, simply for trying to make a sequel to Carl Sagan’s Cosmos with Neil DeGrasse Tyson as the host.

With that said, ugh, can we all agree for a moment that Seth MacFarlane is kind of the worst when it comes to comedy. His first full-length feature is about John Bennett (Mark Wahlberg), who made a childhood wish that his teddy bear come to life. That happened and now, as a grown man, Bennett still has to deal with his talking teddy bear. It’s like Wilfred, but not as dark or haphazardly charming. And, doesn’t Ted’s voice sound waaay too much like Peter Griffin. I want him to be Peter Griffin.

Still, it’s got Wahlberg, who’s something of a comedy darkhorse. Actually, I would say that Wahlberg should retire from action movies and do nothing but offbeat comedy for the next three years.

Ted hits theaters July 13th.

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