Root Cellar Worthy

Just an FYI: Root Cellar Worthy is our collection of all those excellent, slice-of-life mini-documentaries that abound on the Internet.

We’ve started to use this tag in earnest at the beginning of this year after realizing we were posting so many great videos and stories of everyday people and had no way of tracking them. When we have the time, we’re going to go through our archives and retroactively tag as many relevant posts as possible with the “Root Cellar Worthy” designation.

The tag, is of course, a reference to friend of the site, Scott Dunlop’s documentary company Root Cellar Productions, whose aim is to document the incredible stories of everyday people.

(Shameless plug: you should hire him!)

Bookmark the location and check back often for more great videos, like Caine’s Arcade — perhaps the most touching video in this genre we’ve watched in a long time. It practically made us cry tears of joy.

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