Grantland is holding a tournament to determine the greatest movie sequel of all time. The bracket is above, voting happens on their Facebook page.

There’s one obvious, unavoidable conundrum within this bracket (at least to me): The Godfather: Part II is (arguably) the greatest American film ever made. It’s so much better than every other movie on this list that it sort of seems idiotic to place it up against the likes of Hellboy II. But still — let’s see what happens. We can’t pretend it doesn’t exist, and maybe I’m misjudging our readership. Perhaps the people who read Grantland don’t like The Godfather: Part II. Perhaps they hold conflicting views on secret abortions and gold telephones.

I was a bit surprised how brutal some of the early round match-ups are. But, my personal picks for the four brackets would be: Rocky IV, Empire Strikes Back, Temple of Doom (in an upset of Last Crusade, natch), and either Terminator 2 or The Dark Knight. Sadly for me, Hellboy II was nowhere to be seen in the brackets.

I could talk about this topic all day.

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