Shia LaBeouf’s Self-Published Comics are Delightfully Crazy

Actor Shia LaBeouf has self-published three illustrated books for $20 a pop that contain no real story, but instead a collection of illustrated thoughts. They are, of course, delightfully crazy and bordering on insane.

Comics Alliance‘s Matt Wilson stumbled onto the books at last weekend’s Chicago Comic Con, ended up buying two of his books, because when The LaBeef self-publishes a bunch of comic-books you have to buy them right?

“I’d be lying if I said LaBeouf’s comics — if you can call picture books consisting entirely of splash pages and only the occasional word balloon comics — are any good. They aren’t,” Wilson writes. “So, at the very least, let’s learn a lesson from the former star of Even Stevens. If he can create and publish comics that look and read like this, pretty much anyone can.”

Further, as Wilson notes, on the back of both books LaBeouf claims he made his books “on a Mac” instead of using fancy software. I suppose that’s as good as advertisement as any for the creative powers of a Mac. A few more illustrations after the break.

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